I have them and am just leaving them alone. My gyno says this is fine as long as they're not causing major problems. (She tends to frown on the surgical-type procedures because the fibroids grow back). My bleeding was MUCH worse when I was on the pill; going off it helped a lot.

I did have one of them partially removed once (myomectomy, I think they call it?). It's similar to hysteroscopy -- no incisions. But I really only did it because I was having day surgery, anyway, to have an ovarian cycst removed. I don't know how much of a difference it made, long-term, because going off the pill is really what stopped the bleeding. And the fibroids grew back.

They looked into the possibility of doing a uterine ablation for my bleeding, but I guess they can't do that if the fibroids are embedded in the uterine lining, as mine are.

I think there are a lot of other procedures/treatments that people try, though. I might if symptoms become bad enough. Good luck!

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