I don't understand -36 degree weather. Stupid question, but is it even safe to be out for long periods of time(such as waiting for a bus) in that weather?
Can't you die from that weather?
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I guess it's not stupid if you haven't experienced it. But no... We still go to school and work and shopping and etc etc etc.
We just bundle up!
That's why I laugh when I hear people complain about 7, 10, -2 etc.
I mean I get that for THOSE people it's cold, but around here we'd be in a light jacket. If it goes to -2 we don't even zip our coats up LOL. In winter months anyways. It gets to +30 etc in the summer here (What is that, 95ish degrees F?) But yea, our winters are cold!
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LOL yea. I've been wearing a sweater and heavy puffy jacket and thick scarf around my neck and ears for the 30s and winds. Just for a 4 block walk from my office to car. There are lots of tall buildings so no sun.

The other day I felt so bad i contemplated wearing hose next time under my jeans. I've never done that in Atlanta. I remember the only time I did that was in dc and in nyc. The lowest I have ever been in is about 2 degree weather. I can't imagine -20s. I really can't. The thought of it is making me nervous.

It really irks me when northerners down here try to tell ME it's not cold when it's in the 40s and I shouldn't feel that cold. It may not be cold to you but it's still cold for the south, which is where you are!