Hey y'all

just popping in (thanks dee-nature).

Before Gretchen left she gave me the run down of how the categories started because she knew some curltalkers would request changes. All the existing threads were asked for and vetted by the curltalk community and that's why they exist. Of course as our interests change, the threads can change.

dee-nature is absolutely right 4c people are hard pressed to find as much organized CT info as the 4a section and the general discussion thread gets a lot of play over all of course.

It's literally up to CurlTalkers as to whether we completely do away with the letter divisions and just have a Type 4. Does that means we just want a type 3? I know initially they were divided out just because of sheer numbers. Things get lost in the shuffle as it is...

I'll continue to creep around curltalk and see what y'all are saying. keep the convo going por favor!
Originally Posted by atx_eve
I've only been on nc.com for the last five years, so don't know what happened previously. Last year, there was a lot of discussion about just having Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4. From what I recall, most folks were in favor. Don't know if you could do a poll or something like that.

I feel that a lot of the hair forums are extraneous. People don't get answers and end up posting questions in several forums looking for help. Don't know if there's someway to collect data what goes on and see if it's really necessary to have all of the hair forums.
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