My periods have been getting heavier over the past several years so I just got an ultrasound done to see if I have uterine fibroids, and it turns out I have two of them.

Has anyone else had fibroids and care to share your experiences? I am not currently on hormonal birth control, and the potential side effects of hormonal birth control kind of horrify me. The surgical options will either leave me infertile, or there is the chance the fibroids would grow back anyway.

I guess the hormonal option most appealing is the Mirena IUD. But even the small possibility of weight gain, acne, hair loss, and decreased sex drive are extremely off-putting to me. Not to mention the actual insertion!

Thanks in advance.
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Did the doctor tell you that? Maybe it depends on the type you have, or where they are located but...

My girlfriend had some very large ones that were discovered when she pregnant with her first. She had them removed surgically, and got pregnant very easily with #2 a couple years later (at 37, iirc)