I don't understand -36 degree weather. Stupid question, but is it even safe to be out for long periods of time(such as waiting for a bus) in that weather?
Can't you die from that weather?
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I guess it's not stupid if you haven't experienced it. But no... We still go to school and work and shopping and etc etc etc.
We just bundle up!
That's why I laugh when I hear people complain about 7, 10, -2 etc.
I mean I get that for THOSE people it's cold, but around here we'd be in a light jacket. If it goes to -2 we don't even zip our coats up LOL. In winter months anyways. It gets to +30 etc in the summer here (What is that, 95ish degrees F?) But yea, our winters are cold!
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We went up to +5 last week and I opened all the windows to let some fresh air in
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You crazy Canadians!

I guess everyone has their own interpretation of what standard weather is. I must say though I much rather deal with cold then sweltering in the summer. No bueno. I am a miserable slug when it is hot and humid.
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