Tomatillo? I ve always thought of it as a vegetable. Am I interpreting the word right? Those green tomatoes used in 'salsas'?

If it s a fruit I ll try it!!!
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Yep, you're right. They're considered fruit. I've only had green ones and they're not sweet or fruity by any stretch of the imagination. If I have a salsa or sauce with them there has to be something in them to offset the sourness they tend to have.
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The purple ones are sweeter and I like to eat them plain right out of the husk.

I want to try a monster fruit! So interesting looking.
Lychees always make me think of eyeballs.
Longans do too (I've never heard of or seen them before).
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yea I hadn't heard of longans before then either I wouldn't even know where to get them. The guy that gave them to my mom called them dragon eye fruit and said we'd like them which we did. I remembered keeping one of the seeds because of how shiny it was