...am I a skeptic or is this common?

I am asking this not because I am being judgmental but because I'm really curious if this is something that happens often in the Internet world and becaues I'm concerned my friend is moving too fast. (Classic NC.com disclaimer!)

I recently reconnected with an old friend that I was never really close with to begin with, so there are obviously things I don't know about her. She does a lot of Match.com and OKCupid dating, which I honestly admire, because I'll talk to guys who seem great and chicken-out and never meet them. She meets a lot of guys who are traveling here on business, and at least two in the past couple of months had said they'd being willing to move here to be with her, and she had to convince one that he should stay in the same state as his children. (Thought that was weird. What kind of a man would need convincing about something like that?!)

One guy told her he had one child on their in-person date, and then she noticed on his profile it said 2. She was rationalizing it saying, "He was SO STARRY-EYED when he was talking to me...maybe he just said the wrong number?"

(I can't imagine a guy being opposite Angelina Jolie and forgetting how many children he has!)

She's been talking to a guy who is in the army and stationed out of the country. He's apparently flying-out to meet her on leave in a few weeks. They've been talking for a week-and-a-half.

She texted me last night with, "So I have a boyfriend."

He asked her to be his girlfriend, over text message, she accepted and asked if she could make it "Facebook official" (which she did) and went on to post a dozen status updates about how she's the luckiest girl in the world, finally found the right person, with his initials and hearts all over the place.

Am I being a skeptic or is she jumping-the-gun a bit????? I feel like she's setting herself up to be really disappointed.
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I'm curious as to why you threw in the Angelina Jolie comment?
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