Silicones wrap around the hair and coat it, blocking the moisture from actually penetrating your hair. So it's like plastic, and the moisture slides right off.
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Morganrc, I understand that but it seems like in theory oils would do the same thing--to seal moisture in, they must be coating the hair. By that line of reasoning, you could use silicones to seal your hair to keep the moisture in.

Others on this thread have explained to me that oils are easier to wash out than silicones. I'm not sure who figured that out and if it's actually true. I'm curious about the source of that information.

I still wonder if silicones are simply vilified because they are "unnatural" and oils are glorified because they're "natural." There's a bit of a bias against synthetic ingredients by many who post on, and I'm not sure how valid it is.
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I don't have an answer for you, to be honest. I just know that about the silicones. I think it depends on whether or not the oil is water soluble. I don't use either so I guess I can't really vouch for either.