Sometimes i wonder if ppl with naturally straight hair have as much fun as us curly haired ppl. Like, we have all these different routines and ways to get our curls to look a certain way, the adventures with humidity. The universal curly headed language of handfuls upon handfuls of conditioner. The fears of heat damage. The different websites and information about how to care for curly hair.

I wonder if the straight haired world has any fun with their hair? Lol

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2yrs 7 months post relaxer/2 years and 11 months natural

Cleanse: SM Moisture Retention or Suave Naturals shampoos
Co-Wash: Suave Naturals, L'Oreal EverCreme or EverCurl
RO/Detangler: Tresseme Naturals, GVPCB
Leave-In: SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, TN, GVPCB
Styler: EcoStyler, GF Pure Clean gel, KCCC

Just discovering my hair likes protein!