Henna alone shouldn't lighten your hair as it is a plant dye; should only coat the strands. So my questions are:

Are you using pure BAQ henna?
Did you notice any gray hairs prior to starting your henna treatments?
What if anything, do you mix your henna with?
What % lawsone content does your henna contain? (The less lawsone, the lighter the red tint.)
What products have you been using when not hennaing? (Any use of honey, lemon, Sun-in, or peroxide/developer concoctions?)
Have you been using thermal heat, have hair that is thermally or chemically damaged, or have you recently had any sort of chemical process?

Also, hennaing once a week is unusually frequent. Why so frequent? Henna continues to coat the hair shaft w/every application, but generally, the color becomes darker (like burgundy red) w/repeated usage, not orangey, unless the lawsone content is very low.

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