I think she's actually just very immature. She just posted celebrating that her mommy did her laundry for her...
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I would totally celebrate my Mother doing my laundry!!!! I don't think she has done it since I was about 12, it would be a miracle!!!
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Laundry is the one "chore" my mom never minded. She hates to cook and clean. She hasn't made me a meal since I was in high school. But she did my laundry every time I was home from college, and even post college when I stayed at her house for a few days around the holidays. Heck, I literally don't think I've ever turned on the washing machine in my moms house (or our family house when I was a kid)! I mean, I've been doing my own laundry since I left for college at 18, except for the occasions where I would stay with her over holidays or breaks.

That being said, it's been a while since she did it, so I would totally post about my awesome mom doing my laundry if it happened now!
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