I tried a modified version of this technique.

I co-washed with Vo5 clarifying conditioner, then added some more to my hair as a leave-in, added a few drops of coconut oil, then brushed a very small amount of curl gel through my still-wet hair.

My hair was half-dry by the time I went to bed. I woke up with my hair very full and curly; I then gently scrunched in a bit of climate-control gel and spritzed on some hairspray.

I have some fuzz, but it doesn't distract much from the rest of my curls =) I think next time I may put in more coconut oil....I'm getting the impression that the more conditioner I leave in, the more curl I'm going to get, and that adding styling product when my hair is dry or mostly-dry might be better than adding it when it's soaking wet.