Yes, I do!

I do LI, seal, then some gel on very wet hair. Then scrunch it with a MF towel. Then I reapply some gel focussing mainly on the ends.

After plopping, I sometimes will use a spray gel and gently scrunch with the towel a couple times.

I have to start with very wet hair to establish some clumping and keep frizz and springiness at bay. But I have to then scrunch water and weight out of those clumps to keep the curls from stretching. (And have to add a little gel back in to my then damp hair before plopping.)

So I guess I sort of do BOTH things.
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As I was reading these posts I was thinking hmm maybe I should stop at the first dollop of LOOB and do the rest when it's less wet. Now you've clinched it! I'll try this tonight/tomorrow! I've searched high & low on these boards for things that cause shrinkage but the threads are usually wanting less shrinkage. (I may have even started a thread asking but I'm not sure)
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