I found this thread in a search today, and WOW is it insightful!!

Can glucosides remove silicone build-up?

Just before I went CG I was using Dove, and my hair was like straw. I don't know if it was the sulfate or the dimethicone or what, but it was a mess.

I sort of think I have issues with dimethicone, but I can't say for sure. I am REALLY thinking amodimethicone might be a good option for me, but I'm wondering if I should use it in a LI, almost as a sealer. That way I can wash it out with my poo, get some good moisture in with my GVPCB, and then seal in and "repair" the damaged areas with the cone.

Of course maybe I'm afraid they moisture won't penetrate a layer of cones, and that's probably more an issue with cone build-up than cone use in general.
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That is really interesting.

I've had the very same thought about using silicon in a LI. If you try it, let us know if it works.
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