LOL, the beautiful responses to ****ing Hitler apologist morons.

*posts picture of osama bin laden eating a salad*

"you know what's scary about this picture. salad. look at him, so many people eat salad. human. just like us. other people eat salad."
Let's please remember that hate is what started all this in the first place. So, even though he did monstrous things we cannot hate this man, lest we become like him ourselves. Additionally, I believe the point was that he was a man (like a human) not a monster, which is incredibly horrifying because it shows what awful potential lurks within in the human mind. So let us take a page from Gandhi, Lennon, the Dali Lama, MLK Jr, and others who have tried to lead us and let hate pass through us
shut the **** up i will literally beat the **** out of you
no it seems you're trying to find some "gray area" in a place that doesn't need one and crossing the fine line between actually studying up on theories of evil and sympathizing

hello??? what the?? ???? **** who gives a **** if in this ONE PICTURE he’s holding hands with a kid. have none of you heard of ****ing propaganda. just google "hitler with children" and BAM. a whole bunch of other pictures of hitler w/ kids pops up. he was trying to humanize himself to the public, and WHOA A LOT of you are falling for it right now this **** isn't hard.

sure, he's biologically human, but he was ****ing evil and did not act in a way he truly thought would "benefit germany" which is what everyone keeps saying and is ****ing stupid

i mean there's already a glaring problem if it "seems like you're justifying hitler" like

**** i'm done.