This a$$ had me contact him by sms tonight for the money. Not only did he ignore me and it took me hours to get him to send it, he only gave me 1/4 of what I needed and then told me to remind him in 2 weeks for the rest but ease up cause he was at work.

I let him know that I will be deleting any emails and ignoring any calls until then so don't even try it. It's refreshing that I can actually do that. Maybe it's because I'm numb but I am tired of the games.

I wanna kick his butt sooooo badly now. And I do tae kwon do so I can do it easily too.
3c/4aish, high porosity, fine strands,medium density cottony curls.

LOVES: (editing)

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I'm not obsessed: I just LOVE my hair!!