i am going to be exercising hard 5 days a week. my head and face tend to sweat alot. I can bun my hair protected but i am wondering since i am a once a week sls and cone free washer, will the sweat build up and clog my hair pores or will the salt damage my hair?

my hair is very dry on ends and has trouble keeping moisture so i was thinking this may be the right time to introduce co- washing 4 days a week. will my current conditioner be suited for co washing?

Any suggestions on what i should do?
3a with few 3b's for top layer and 2b for bottom layer, medium/thick, normal porosity, BSL-MBL goal-HL

Live clean argain oil restorative poo and r/o once a week, daily refreshers with r/o and water spray. (all sls and cone free) I bun all the time. staying away from proteins cones and sulfates for a while.

Hard water