I'm happy with the results so far. Still fiddling around with proteins and moisture and trying to see what works best.

First pic is how I wore my hair every single day for probably 15 years. Heat straightened and colored.

Second is what used to think a "curly day" was. UGH.

Third is maybe day 5 of CG, a couple days before my devacut

And Fourth and fifth is today! (with no makeup, eek!)

My camera is awful (webcam) so its hard to see since my hair is rather dark. Its still changing day by day depending on how I style it, i'm still trying to figure out what works best but my curl pattern has become very different. I used to have pretty small individual waves (kind of what you see in pic 2) but now there's more definition and its like they're getting... fatter and more spiraly.

Fine, Dense, med/high porosity, color treated
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