I wish the same would apply to sulfates-l like bubbly shampoo & so does my hair. Its not evil if your hair agrees w/it.
As for cones, absolutely cannot use it in any form-one way street to a head full of frizz, same for co-washing, oils, and proteins, but that doesn't mean they should be banned like some CG'ers would have you believe.
My mom on the other hand, can use every cone known to man on her baby fine cherub curls...gasp! brush them into wave and still has perfect healthy hair, go figure!

Back on the CG wagon!
Hair Type: 2c/3a winter, low porosity, protein sensitive
(Cleanse w/Distilled water only)
Shampoo: Baking soda & brown sugar
Condish: Sauve Naturals green apple or aloe waterlily
Rinse: ACV
LI: Kinky Curly Knot Today
Styler: homemade flaxseed gel, topped w/KC Spiral Spritz
DT: veg. glycerin mixed w/conditioner
"Life's a garden. Dig it."