I have just started using Giovanni natural mousse. It is silicone-free, so CG friendly. (It's at WalMart, and other stores I'm sure, near the natural products--Burt's Bees, Yes to Carrots, and the like--not with the regular hair products.) I have not found it to be drying so far, but then again, I've only used it three times. As a side note, I am finding it to have some curl-enhancing power, even though it is not marketed as such! Hope this gives another option! Good luck!
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You guysssss! (I am intermittently fanning my face, squealing girlishly and fighting back grateful tears as I type.) I knew I could count on the nc community to help out me and my dear mom. I'm so happy this thread has been revived. I am going to look into all of the suggestions and take mom shopping perhaps later today. Well, first I should get some work done but then I'm off and armed with a plethora of suggestions. This has been very helpful. Thanks so much.
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