My kids have very curly hair but they both have different hair texture. I just started the cg method for all 3 of us and it's the best thing I've done for our curls. I keep them away from silicones and sulfates. I currently use on their hair suave coco as a co wash, tresseme naturals silicone free conditioner as a rinse out, tresseme again as a leave in and then i put on a mix of oils i made with castor oil, avocado oil, and argan oil to seal in the moisture. The next days before cowashing again i will wet their hair a little and put some oil. I'll cowash when their hair starts looking frizzy again so every 4 days or so. I also deep condition their hair once in a while when i have left overs from my homemade deep conditioners. If it starts looking like stuff is building up then I'll use a little baby shampoo which has sulfates to clarify but that rarely happens. Good luck and hope this helped.