i can't imagine him having to be expressed. that little area is raw. he's actually playing, eating and pooing like normal. i watch him. he's on a limited diet. it's a salmon food with no corn, wheat or something. i still give him his treats. the are his pleasure in life. it's just so weird, no major changes, he'll be 7 in march and this just started in early december. she did say he could have antibiotic injected into his glands. it just sounds painful. he is on a pain med too which she told me to give him regardless. he drinks plenty of water and is playing like normal so i'm not too worried. she even said i could give him a bath but recommended i do it at home. when i get near that area, which i needed to do to trim away hair he is very sensitive to being touched. maybe a warm bath will make him feel better in that area too.

thanks for the input girls...i'll keep y'all posted.
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