Thank you! I think I got another pic with my crappy camera that shows it better. I was trying to take some outside hoping the light would help show the curls in my dark hair, but this one standing RIGHT under my light works well to show the difference.

I'm generally anywhere between 2B-3A depending on the day, but I dare say some of these clumps border on actual curl. GASP!

btw this is just No-poo, olive oil root stimulater DT, and deva light hold gel and diffusing. no plopping today.

coarse yet silky dusalocks? I wanna know how you accomplish that! I want that!
Originally Posted by kibs
They don't just "border"! They are popping and springing, darling! And just you wait. They are only going to get curlier.

As for the coarseness well conditioner. Tres beaucoup conditioner. My hair eats it up. Probably because it's high porosity and very absorbent. Yours looks plenty silky already. Oh and I was trying to find a picture of my hair before I went CG to show the difference in definition and messiness but it is so difficult because I would always wear it straight or back or something or other to reduce the poof. I finally found one though that is not from too long ago. In it I'm not using any product except maybe some biosilk serum. Excuse the scary white out face and the really dark lighting. (It's a phone pic.) I also look sort of drunk in that picture and I undoubtedly was. It's the only explanation for how I could let my hair frizz up so much without putting it into a doggone ponytail! Yuck! Okay but the second picture is my second day 2cish hair today which I did not have to restyle at all. I left it alone because I woke up with it looking nice and beachy. So it just goes to show just how great CG is at whipping your curls and waves into a manageable and presentable state. Decent hair without heat, tails or buns! Who knew?
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