All my experiences point to it being harsher, but like anything quantity used is important too.

I wouldn't rule it out for your mother. I think many 2 people can treat their hair as if were straight.
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Yes, I know! It is so not fair. I've seen my mom in the past use super harsh sulfates everyday and no styling product whatsoever and her hair always looked lovely. It is just as thick and bushy as mine but at least it doesn't try to escape her head. Instead it lies flat but with lots of body. Although I should say that now that I've gone CG she is terribly jealous of my curls so it just goes to show that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Do you happen to know of any gentler low-poos for color treated hair that I might recommend for my poor friend? I feel like buying her one since I inadvertently stripped her color.
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