I'm sure they have fun in their own way, like which curling irons are the best to retain a curl and what hair styles are best for straight hair....or even just regular maintenance on what products to use to have healthy hair ect.

Most of my family on my dads side have straight hair, one of my cousins can't even use conditioner on her hair! She says it gets oily too fast and conditioners weigh it down so she shampoos everyday!! With sulfates!! and her hair dries straight, silky and shiny. She loves my hair though and wishes her hair could hold a curl.

They may have their own straight hair forum secret society...who knows.
Originally Posted by Ericachristina
Oh they have have one. My straight haired friends have all these tricks to create volume and to tease and backcomb the hair. They compare hairsprays and braiding techniques and, yes, are big fans of curling irons. I also know some straight haired girls who don't use conditioner at all. However, at the end of the day, they always have the option to take a shower, shampoo with whatever's at hand, throw their hair up in a terrycloth turban and then just drop it and go. Must be nice, but I'm happy with my hair nonetheless nowadays because my routine isn't as time consuming as it used to be. Also, my hair holds a style, updo and a braid better than most so that's a plus.
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