I stopped to get coffee once on my way to work in kind of a rough neighborhood and when I was walking out through the parking lot my phone rang. So I dug my phone out and was chatting away and I was trying to unlock my car - my car unlocks by touching the handle as long as you have the key on you somewhere (pocket/bag). So I'm just standing there, holding the handle of my car and being like wtf, why is the door not unlocking, when I look inside and think 'huh, I don't have a Gatorade in my cupholder' and realize, I am hanging onto the handle of someone else's car that is identical to mine but parked three spaces away. Someone else who is walking up behind me watching me potentially try to break into his car. Luckily he had a sense of humor but I was mortified.
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I've done similar, only the person actually thought I was trying to steal his car. I now have a unique decoration hanging from my rear-view mirror, so it'll never happen again.