I don't have much time to invest in a time consuming hair care routine. I want minimal maintenance and be able to wash and go and not worry about my hair looking like a poodle on rainy/humid days.

If I relax, I am not sure how much damage it will cause to my hair but it will probably be better than flat ironing.

I do like wearing my hair curly on several occasions but most of the time, I like straight hair.
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Hey if you want to relax you can relax. Sounds like you already made your mind up so maybe you asked because you were wondering if it was okay to do it at home. I don't care what the gals on youtube say, I would not try it. My aunt relaxed her hair at home and it all fell out. Not kidding. My friend did it and it turned her hair into a frizzy mess of sticks. She wound up having to cut it short for it to be presentable. I'd rather go get it done in a salon even though it's more expensive. Just be aware that it's permanent. And you'll have to maintain it because the curly time clock is always a-ticking. But you're right it'd give you a head start and you could always flat iron the roots. So no biggie. Hair grows back. A year-two years depending on the person. I'd say try it if you're curious but read up and be aware of the pros and cons. I second aqua_lily's point. You are breaking the bonds of your hair and damaging it, even though it may look nice afterwards. I was this close to relaxing my hair a year ago because I was sick of the time spent straightening it, but my friend who is a doctor and whose family owns a salon advised me not to. She showed me pictures of her mother who used to have her hair relaxed (in a salon) and how after this one treatment she lost so much hair. Hers never grew back. That scared me straight. I mean curly. Not saying that would ever happen to you because plenty women relax their hair without that happening. But there's always the what if.

As for your hair right now, girl, my hair looks just like yours. I mean exactly when I brush it out. It is a frizzy poofy bush and then some. But I also see your curl potential. As for the CG method, I never spend more than 10 minutes a day on my hair. Ever. I promise. I also exercise regularly and for me wearing my hair curly is easier because I'm not having to constantly restraighten it. Double promise, pinky swear. Also the products I'm using are relatively inexpensive and mostly drugstore. Being curly does not mean high maintenance. If anything it's the opposite.

You do what you gotta do! But I'd rather go to a professional and have a straightening consultation than chance it at home. It's just too scary knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen.
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