Today I did my usual Type 4 CG, all Deva stuff cause when I started CG I didn't even know you could use any other brands.
After I rinsed upside down I towel tried a little bit and the put in some b,lieve in it and then waited a short time, put in some Deva styling cream, scrunching all the while, and then some ultra defining gel. I almost forgot to say I did put a teeny dime size or smaller bit of CK

I scrunched with my Deva towel and then clipped the crown and the sides with my usual jaw clips and instead of plop (which sometimes plasters the top to my head) I just let it air dry for a change.

My hair came out great. It was curly but not too tight.
It framed my face well,. It had root lift and curl balance.
After I SOTC it looked and felt like hair and I mean human hair,not poodle hair. I will go have another look at the CHS clamps but I only need a few and i dont anat to spend too much.
I mentioned the jaw clips originally because I already had a few and they work fine too.

I started dedicated CG after a surgery so I haven't had a real CG haircut. I ordered my Deva products in the mail, all a stab in the dark.
Some stuff works Better than others but I'm pretty happy with today's combo so i think i will stick with that. I've had a four month convalescence so my hair shape is weird and I need color really badly but I am pleased with the potential. When it gets longer and shaped right I think the best of the 2c will emerge. I love when it feels like hair. So I think it takes awhile to get results so don't give up.
It's taken me almost 6 months but its worth it and I'm used to it now.
Just a Deva cut for shape not length as it's still short to medium and ill Be set.

Thanks to all for sharing the details you do.
That's how we all will have our own best hair possible.

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