then told me to remind him in 2 weeks for the rest
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He was with you for eight years and he needs a "reminder" to help you out?

Hmmm... maybe it's time you learned to play the game. You could take his calls and emails. Tell after some deep soul searching about the situation you see how much you want him back. you can't live without him even if it means sharing with another woman. After all a piece of man is better than no man. As soon as you get caught up on these bills you're going to book another trip to come see him and get you some of that because can't no put man put it down like he can.

Then when your money comes you tell tha SOB to KYBA!!!
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Nah. I wouldn't even waste my time. And because I still have feelings for him I would get caught up. I can't wait until I'm over and done with him.
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