I agree that it doesn't have to be a Deva stylist. I think the main thing is to be sure and research all the stylists that interest you. That means looking online for reviews from customers. It can also mean interviewing them (even just over the phone) to find out what their idea of a good curly cut is. If you've met someone who received a swimmingly Heavenly cut from that stylist, bonus.

Whomever you choose, be very VERY specific about exactly what sort of cut you're looking for: number of inches taken off, how much hair to leave on your head. The kind of cut you DON'T want. Also, it's always great to have pics to show her or him - ideally the pics are of the cut you want, from as many angles as possible, and on a head of hair that more or less approximates your curl type. I get mine of google images. You may come across as slightly control-freaky and that's just fine. They'll know you want the best.

It's comforting if the person also has curly hair, but some of the best cuts I've had have come from stylists with stick straight hair who have a love affair with curls and cut/style curly hair day in and day out. Ideally you want someone who cuts ALL types of curly hair OFTEN.

Finally, keep an open mind but pay attention to your "gut". If for any reason you get an uneasy feeling about the stylist during a consultation, or when s/he's about to cut your hair, exercise your right to cancel the appointment or leave, even if you've just warmed up the chair. It may make you feel kind of like a jerk, but it's the no more tears approach to nurturing and protecting that personal portable party you call your curls

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