Amodimethicone for me don't work , gave me build up.

I'm still looking and testing a sealant that suits my hair. And at least now, wouldn't want to test silicones.

See, I'm not saying that the silicones are bad. I know its good effects, such as: softness, shine, better manageability. But my big question is: can we compare cones to oils when we talk about treatment and not simply "makeup"?
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Have you tried mineral oil for sealing?? It's my HG!

I know some silicones like a-cone actually target damaged areas. So for some that may be beneficial.

I have heard others says a-cone built up on them, but in reading today I've learned that that's not technically possible. I'm not saying that it didnt give you problems, but perhaps it wasn't build up?

I also learned that its possible in a lot of cases the build up is happening because of two different ingredients that don't like to play together, and not the cones. Especially if you aren't using a "matching" poo and condish. (A lot of that is in that link I posted above.)

I agree the key is likely "don't over-do".
I was thinking today that in my pre-CG days I was using a sulfate poo and coney condish, then different cones in my LI and curl-booster products. Plus I often used a shine spray! (COOOONES!!!)

So maybe ONE product with a cone or two is not going to be at all equatable to my (and many others) pre-CG routines! So I'm going to experiment a little and see how it goes....
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I had all symptoms of buil up, and was using just a single product with amodimethicone (Fresh Curls - Redken). When I stopped using, I improved. Then I went back to using, and again I had build up. But, I have to agree with you, I wasn't using a "matching".

About mineral oil... wow!...
After reading your post, I have been searching on it and I was excited about what I read. I had not considered using mineral oil, for it be derived from petroleum. However, from what I read it looks like it may be the sealant I need.

Has Mineral Oil Gotten A Bad Rap?

Hairloss and Topical Coconut Oil Pre-Wash-The Ultimate Hair Conditioner

Here in Brazil it is summer, and this year is particularly dry. It is difficult to keep moisture, DC and PT. So, I'm going to try the mineral oil as a sealant. I hope it's my HG too!... (:

Thanks Jas...
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