Thanks Rbb, I'll give it a try. This all rings a bell with me. There are just so many different techniques with curly hair it's hard to keep up with them all. I have a ton of hair and it's past my shoulders at this point. Just wondering how much oil/hair butter I would need to apply. I guess it's just trial and error as usual! I have Jane Carter nourish and shine and some Marie Dean butters that I'll give a try. It's a high of 29 here today and so horribly dry. Perfect day to give it a try. I'm with you, love my curls in the summer. I've been so tempted to go shorter just to get more bounce in this low dew.
3a or b depending on the weather, medium texture, pretty dense, normal porosity.
Have to be careful of protein
cowash: Elucence and CJDF
conditioners: AOHR, CJHB deep fix,
LI: currently liking Marie Dean Mango Detangler, KCKT
Stylers: Usually mix very small amounts of BRHG with CJCIAB, HETT, DMMCG or whatever is under the sink and might work that day!
Latest discovery: Marie Dean Amla Hair Creme Proless works great on top of any gel combination. Well, at least in the current low dews!