The Marie Dean worked for me. If I use either the red clover honey leave-in or the yogurt smoothy as a leave-in, they provide enough richness to seal the hair. Actually, Shea Moisture Milk worked just the same for less money, but I could not stand the smell. So I had to let it go. (darnit, just like finding that too cute sweater on sale, but not in your size). I put some gel for hold on top of the leave-in, and so far so good in the low dews.
High Density, High Porosity, Medium Texture, 3B with some kink

Lo-Poo: No Preference
Co-wash: CJ Smoothing Conditioner
RO: CJ Strengthening Conditioner - HG
LI: CK Satin Roots
Styler: CK Coil Jam
Other Likes: Castor Oil; CK Twist Whip, MD CSC
Dislikes: Wheat Protein; Aloe LIs or Stylers

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