Hi everyone,
Well, I already read the article on the front page, but I have already tried all of them! You see, I always go to bed with my hair wet because hair dryers do NOT work for my hair lol. Anyways, I've already tried tying my hair in a ponytail, high ponytail, low ponytail, half up half down, two strand twist, two braids, one braid, two fishtails, one fishtail, silk/satin pillowcase, wrapping hair in a scarf, leaving it down (Heck noo!!), and putting it all on the top of my pillow. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I was going to try putting my hair in a million braids and see how it turns out, or try putting it into a ponytail with curlers on the end. I have medium length hair and it seems whatever I do makes the bottom of my hair frizzy! Please don't suggest a scarf because I move around so much in bed that it will just come out.
Thank you so much!