Other than a pineapple? Or bonnet?

I've been unable to get that 2nd day hair yet, and it's frustrating! It's just so dry by next day, so I was thinking, is there something people do that makes it last over night?
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I've heard of people spraying or coating their hair with conditioner or leave in conditioner before bed but I think that might soften the hold of your stylers. You might try that and see if it does or doesn't. Or putting an extra seal and then throwing on a shower cap.

As for sleeping routines, I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but when I tried to pineapple those few times I felt like the weight of my hair on my head was really annoying to the point of distraction. Also the scrunchie kept coming off but if I tried to tie it twice around it would leave an annoying dent. So now I just sleep with my hair fanned out around my head as I always did. But I almost always have to restyle in the morning. Doesn't take too long but still. Also I sometimes have to fix flat spots if I've rolled over onto my side while I slept. I know what you mean about the dryness too. I can get third day hair as well as second but my hair gets very dry from not having been conditioned on the fourth morning or the third evening when I go to wash it. I usually go one day on and one day off. What are you doing to restyle your hair in the morning? Is it too dry to detangle or. . .?

(P.S. I've been tinkering with your advice about the curl smoothie. I think it's working for me as a base before my curling custard. I just need to make my FSG now because I believe that's the missing ingredient. This weekend then. And my apologies for curlstalking you yet again. )
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ha! I like curl stalkers!
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