I just don't understand how thinking, feeling human beings can be okay with their mothers, daughters, sisters being treated like second-class citizens in our society. I cannot understand that having a different skin color somehow makes one superior or inferior. Its ridiculous...and yet, although I suppose our society has gotten better through the years, there are still too many people out there who do not see the problem with sexism and racism or they honestly think it doesn't exist.

Then it dawned on me...most people are not that thinking after all. Most people do not put a lot of deep thought or do not think beyond the box of what was spoon-fed to them as children, so their "deep" thoughts do not go deep enough.

I have friends and family who post the stupidest cr@p on Facebook. They quote unreliable sources, come to illogical conclusions.
I have one cousin who thinks the Obama administration caused the shooting in Connecticut to further their anti-gun agenda. I have a friend who finds every source of information to try to discredit Obama, to insinuate that Obama is a terrorist. I have a brother that thinks Obama is going to order the military to shoot down anyone who refuses to give up his/her guns. The comments on these websites they refer to are even crazier. I fear for Obama and his family's life. I fear for our humanity.

I know these have nothing to do with sexism and racism (well, perhaps racism), but it shows how people will come to the most warped conclusions with no real evidence.

Why we have -isms and why people treat each other like crap? Because they are not thinking individuals.

I am in no way suggesting that if someone doesn't like Obama, that they are racist or are not thinking individuals. There's just too much hatred...and I honestly think much of it is because of ignorance or stupidity.

Women will continue to be treated like children; black people will continut to be treated less than human...until we find a way to break through this stupidity. Just not sure...it might be a lost cause.
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