I went back yesterday for my 2-week follow-up (ON my birthday, no less), and the dr. took another pic and said he was quite pleased with the result.

He then went on to (again) recommend Botox for my forehead (which would need to be repeated every 3 months), and Restylene for under my eyes, which would last about a year. I do have dark circles most of the time, but I'm so used to them because I'm sure I've had them since my 20s. The forehead thing just doesn't bother me much, as I explained above.

I told him my budget doesn't run to all that, LOL, although I wish it did. And unlike curlypearl, I don't know this Dr. all that well and am not at all sure he wouldn't recommend stuff just to make money.

He said the forehead wrinkles would "heal" after you use botox for a while, but you have to keep using it to keep from creasing up again.
Originally Posted by Poochie
hmmm, that's interesting. they 'heal,' but you need to keep getting botox. interesting take on that!
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