Yup I agree. I got mine maybe 2 weeks after going CG so i'm still in the process of figuring out my curls (and they're figuring themselves out) I loved my stylist and I love my cut overall, but I think she was more used to playing with hair that has more hold of the curl than mine does. I had a lot of texture and volume, but mostly broken apart waves when I left. I dont really want to break my clumps apart, I want to let them do their thing (granted I didnt even KNOW thats what I wanted when I went in). So as my clumpy curls are starting to get happier and form better, its becoming different than how it was that day I got it cut, and therefore the end lengths of my clumps are funky. Not OVERLY funky, I mean I still love my haircut. Just have to snipe those extra pieces when I see em lol.
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