i agree we should do away with the subcategories in hair types.

what i would love to see are forums for each texture -- fine, medium, coarse!!!
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This would be cool. Texture is the most important hair property, IMO.

I wish we had a sticky thread in the general hair forum - "what's my hair type." Like in the 4a forum. You go in, post a pic, get an answer, & be done with it. I totally get curl type is a fun tidbit to know but I'm tired of the 15 new "what's my type???" threads per day.
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I totally agree. Texture is the most important thing. Not sure why we have the porosity forums, they get very little action, IMHO.

I rarely, if ever, answer the "what's my type questions." Maybe to say that hair properties are more important and give them a link for that. If people would stop answering, maybe folks would stop asking. As a behaviorist, it's always taught that you don't reward "inappropriate" behavior, LOL!

I also wish people would use the search function. For a while, we'd tell posters that there was a current thread on the subject and give the link. I digress from the topic--sorry.
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