my stylist looked at my hair dry. then wash, cond and gelled. Then mainly dried under the hood. then finished drying it with a diffuser with head flipped over. Then cut it dry curl by curl. She got so much curl out of my hair, and it's been almost 4 months and it's help up amazingly. My only complaint, and I've mentioned it on here before it that when she cut it the ends looked great, but when I washed & styled at home, the curls clumped differently, so some of the curls had these real thin tapers at the end, that I didn't like, so I just snipped them off, as I came across them. And honestly if that is the only complaint after years of searching for some to not only cut my hair right, but also not straighten it, I'll take it. I'm definitely going back and having it done again. Maybe there is a fix for the tapering, IDK, we'll see when I go back.
Hair: lots of fine 2c/3a
Length: Mid back
Shampoo:Shea moisture coconut hibiscus
Cond:, suave naturals coconut
Post condition/Leave in: Shea moisture smoothie
HG:L'oreal evercurl gel. AG: Recoil,