Teri at The Strand was recommended by a curly coworker. I came here and looked for reviews on her and everyone pretty much agreed she was great. I finally went to her and she is beyond amazing! She is knowledgable about my type of hair and recognized that I had a few different textures throughout that needed to be cut differently. She is also very honest in her product recs. I also never imagined that I could get a good cut for just $35! I loved her! Anyone in the area looking for a good cut should definitelh give her a call!

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I made it! Tailbone length stretched, WL curly

Teri Laflesh's book "Curly Like Me" sits on my desk and everytime I get frustrated and an impulse tells me to shave my head, I look at it in hopes that one day my hair will graze the top of my butt.