Thanks! it isn't quite as curly as it was in my avatar anymore. I used to try to make it be curlier but now I just accept that I'm really more of a wavy and my curls start somewhere between my eyebrows and my ears and there's no changing it
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OH MY GOD! I am brand new and you are now my new hair holy grail! I LOOOOVE how it is straight at the roots! Are you a pure CG or modified?!
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You're too sweet

I'm modified. I recently started blogging again. The link is in my signature. I'm currently doing a series of posts on what products I use. I find that because my hair isn't naturally curly to the roots (it's straight then curls around my ears), I tend to get oily around my crown if I don't use a sulfate-free or low sulfate shampoo. I like a little lather, basically. That also lets me use whatever products I want.

Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!