I'm biased: I'm partial to the diverse, colorful discussion going on in the 4a forum (It's about hair and everything else under the sun, w/people unafraid to speak up about uncomfortable things - reminds me of my New York roots), plus it's got that MEGA henna and amla thread that helped me w/my research recently

I totally agree w/you Dee (and everyone else so far). I think it'd be easier to just streamline the forums into number categories and ditch the sub-categories at this point. On a selfish note, I'd benefit from just numbers because my hair doesn't even know whether it wants to be 3b or 3c I bet a lot of us "in-betweeners" would enjoy the simplification of numbers only forums. ... Of course, if you're in between numbers (not letters), like 3c/4a; 2b;3a, etc., you still might be going back and forth btw. 2 different forums still. Still not a perfect system, but numbers only would make it easier for a lot of us.
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I'd prefer for the forums to be consolidated because I don't like bouncing back and forth from different numbers. Nevertheless, that's a great point about numbers versus letters. Hmm. . .
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