I don't think it's a lost cause. However I think that with Obama becoming president a lot of racist groups have become more visible even if they don't identify as racist. To be clear you can definitely be against Obama's politics without being racist but the group's talking about Obama being a terrorist, a Muslim, and not being born in America are racist and irrational. They don't back up anything with facts and attack the president personally.

I think that for a lot of older baby boomers who grew up with racism and sexism as being legal, these are scary times if they still hold these views. You have a man who is the result of miscegenation - a huge sin especially because his lily white mother had him with a very black man from Africa, you have an outspoken black woman as first lady, you have gay people living out in the open fighting for marriage equality, women admitting to having sex before marriage and some who enjoy making their own money, other POC fighting for recognition, etc. All of these question the authority of non-Hispanic white privilege. It seems that before every huge change takes place in history, there is a fight from those who don't want to accept change and the equality of others.
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