The most I've ever spent on a purse was around $60ish, but I carry it all the time and love it. At one point and time I would have a purse and carry it for years before even thinking about getting a new one and it was always a cheapy. Now that I'm ready to spend a little more if I find something I love, I can't find anything I love. I bought one over the holidays, but for $130 it wasn't absolutely perfect in some of the functionality so I returned it. The search continues. I'm fine if it's a cheapy, I just want something new to carry that's fun and cute and I want a bright color.

I've tried Marshall's and TJ Maxx and they had squat! There must have been a purse buying rush or something because the racks were practically empty.
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That's funny, I could almost have written the same thing word for word, and I also want something with perfect functionality (for me) that is fun and cute and a bright color, I'm tired of boring neutral colors.

KK, I did try Marshalls. And TJMaxx, and Steinmart, plus Kohls and Macys (I had coupons!!), etc., but no luck.

How do the rest of you buy purses online? I feel like I have to see it and touch it and make sure it's the perfect shape and size, and see if it has structure or if it's slouchy, and look inside to make sure it has all the right slots and zipper-thingies and such. (I may be a little picky....a little) How do you do it?
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Marshalls and TJMaxx are definitely hit or miss. I've been there many, many times and found nothing. but all it takes if for me to have one score to make me a believer again, that happened last spring Haven't had any luck since though. Maybe next time!

I can't do purses online, either, for the same reasons as you.
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