I find it most frustrating that these wonderful products do not give more specific information about their use, and that the company has a facebook page but not a website...seems kind of a poor choice of priorities. It IS confusing as to what their various styling/conditioning products are supposed to be used for.
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The reason I respect this company is because they focus on production. They get the products in our hands. They have been upgrading their website for way over a year now & it frustrates me from time to time. However, they are on top of things with their fb page. They reaping to posts, complaints, & tell you what's coming out & where to buy. I can't ask for much more. This brand experienced some serious growth & I respect them for getting their website together before coming out with something half way done.

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weekly shampoo-HE Honey I'm Strong
daily conditioner-HE Honey I'm Strong (use as li)
go to style-Pocahontas braids