Hi guys. I've been CG two months now and my mom is wanting to join the bandwagon because she envies my curls. I keep telling her that her hair is curly too and that I get it from her. All she needs is the right products and regimen. She is using two low poos: organix coconut and tresemme naturals. She's really into the tresemme naturals conditioner also. I'm trying to figure out what else might work for her. Techniques and products. Whether or not she needs protein, etc. Debating getting her some Deva One Conditioner.

She doesn't like the feel of product in her hair, but she would like for her hair to be more consistent in its texture. She has a straight underlayer but I suspect it's the weight of the hair's length behind the layers weighing it down. I think gel would hold her curl better but she likes mooses so she's experimenting with those. She hates her volume and again I feel gel would help with that because it would encourage her hair to clump. Has that been the case with anyone here?

So right now I'm guessing her properties are fine to medium hair but a lot of it so high density. Medium porosity because her she does go to get get her roots touched up to get rid of those pesky grays. I know coloring increases porosity. And low elasticity because her hair doesn't have much curl so you can't stretch it too much. It also breaks easy but I think that's because it lacks moisture.

So I'm coarse texture, high porosity and low elasticity. The reason I suspect mom might be more of a wavie is that her hair is rarely frizzy. (Mine was all the time before CG.) She could shampoo it everyday with harsh sulfates and it would get dry, yes, but it won't frizz. It's also fairly easy to straighten and just time consuming because of its density and length. She loses a lot of hair in the shower and feel like CG will help with that, too. Her hair, like mine, eats conditioner. It's very thirsty. So that might be because of dehydration, density or it could be because she's even higher than medium porosity. I'm not sure. She doesn't seem to get product buildup easily but then she rarely uses product so. . .

This is what her hair looked like today with about half a handful of moose and after returning home from walking around for two hours in damp, rainy weather. This is the frizziest it'll ever get. To me it looks like a sunny carefree beach wave but she loathes it and never wears it down.

So her daily routine now is shampoo, then half a bottle of conditioner (not kidding), gets out of the shower, plops with a terrycloth towel (I know, I know, but like I said she doesn't get very frizzy), then scrunches in a little moose to damp hair. I think diffusing might make her hair even bigger but it also might encourage curl by cutting out the water weight.

What do you think. . . 2B with 2c potential? 2c with 3a potential? Any product or technique recommendations? Any advice at all would be welcome. I told her I'd ask and see if she had a hair twin walking around out there.
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