How do the rest of you buy purses online? I feel like I have to see it and touch it and make sure it's the perfect shape and size, and see if it has structure or if it's slouchy, and look inside to make sure it has all the right slots and zipper-thingies and such. (I may be a little picky....a little) How do you do it?
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And I could have written this! It has to pass several usage tests, like is the strap drop long enough for me to put it on my shoulder with only one hand? Are the handles stiff or will they have some give so they're not always in my way? Is it slouchy on the inside or structured and are there enough pockets for all my junk? It's hard to look at a picture online and determine all of these things. haha

All this aside I still want the one on ebay even though I wouldn't be able to return it if I don't like it, it's just cute, darn it! I'm still watching it and trying to decide.

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