you know you're overemotional when...

you cry because jim and pam are fighting these are fictional characters!! on a tv show that isn't even that good anymore!!! but i ended up crying (UGLY CRYING. not cute AT ALL) at the office and mumbling vaguely about how everything ends. like, if jim and pam can't make it, WHO CAN???

(yes i'm aware i am far too emotionally invested in this show but i can't help it!!!)

this thread is dangerous; I read the purse conversation and then ended up buying a purse at TJ Maxx!! but it's really cute and bright red and it was on sale, so it's all good.

I love that store. they always have nail polish for super cheap and cute shoes and purses. the only thing that annoys me is the term 'maxxinista'. I literally cannot think of anything I detest more than that conglomeration of syllables.
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