Thanks to ALL of you for educating me about your Deva cut experiences ... I didn't realize there was so much flexibility in these stylists' approach. Jas, I appreciate your mention of the "fluff out" technique likely being the updated approach ... cause truthfully, I was wondering if that step could be skipped entirely. But CurlyCutie, what you said makes a lot of sense as an explanation for why the "fluff out" works for those of us w/clumpy curls. See, my hair, like yours, kind of "makes love to itself" also lol. It is always forming clumps on its own, broad and narrow corkscrews w/waves in between. It really does make sense to pull those clumps apart before snipping. Now I see that!

But I can relate to the thing about uneven hairs here and there after the cut. Ditto on some straggly ends. I find myself "cleaning up" behind even the most skilled Deva stylists. And yeah, I agree that it's still really worth it. Can also relate to what you said, Jipszee: how the cut encourages oodles of curls. My curls are FAR tighter w/the Deva cut (cause of the shorter layers). I like that look

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